Finding and Managing Friends

Coming to a new place and not knowing anyone at all can be quite scary. When people come to college most of the time they do not know very many people or anyone at all. However, the best way to find friends is to put yourself out there. Living in a dorm as a freshmen makes making friends a lot easier. Everyone there is your age and with a hall full of people you're bound to find someone who shares your same interests. Another way of making friends is by getting involved.

A great way to start finding friends on campus that share your same interests is by going out to events. Go to sporting events, go to the club fairs, go to anything where the campus is putting on an event meant for people to meet each other. At the beginning of the Fall Semester there a countless events the University will put on for the new students arriving that year. This does not necessarily mean freshmen, but also sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

In my own personal experience as a freshmen entering college my interests have always been sports and a close group of friends. I met several friends by attending the UNCW Men's soccer games. Perhaps the most important decision in my life thus far was to join a fraternity. Joining Greek life is an extremely great way to get that feeling of have a close group of friends just like you had in high school. Greek life brings an incredible sense of brotherhood or sisterhood that will never be forgotten and is also an incredible way to meet new people on campus/

If you come to school with a tight group of friends from high school, don't stay in that bubble. You will never meet anyone this way, and you will miss out on a lot of great friendships and opportunities. You will meet some of your best friends for life in college and staying in your high school bubble will make you miss out. Sure you can stay in touch with your high school friends and still hang out with them, but don't confine yourself to only that group.