Fast Friends

A way to make fast friends in college is to join clubs and participate in extracurricular activities. More than likely you will make friends with a lot of the girls and guys you live with in your dorm; however, you will want to branch out and meet new people. Creating friends in different circles will open up a vast amount of opportunities, not to mention if you are having issues with one group, you can get take some time away with another group. Having friends with similar interests is great, but also branching out and trying new things will help you realize you may enjoy activities you never thought you would. Go to the activities fair or carnival, whatever your school may hold, and grab as many pamphlets and brochures that catch your eye. You don't have to join every single one, but narrow it down to some things you know you enjoy doing, and some things you have an interest in. So many things are possible in college, so don't let an opportunity like this one pass by!