Easy and Fun Way to Volunteer

Volunteer work in college is essential to a good resume. One of the funniest and easiest ways I have come across to gain volunteer hours is to foster dogs.

What better way to earn hours volunteering than doing something that everyone loves; playing with puppies! The Cape Fear Rescue League makes the fostering process easy. After you like their Facebook page you can see what dogs are available to foster as they arrive to the league. You then email the league to find out more about the dog and after emailing the league, you will get an email back with directions on how to obtain the new pup.

Fostering these animals is free. All that they ask you for is to provide the new pup with love and affection(which is a given with these adorable puppies!). The league provides you with newspaper to start the potty training process, a crate, and food. These are really the only things you need in caring for these animals. If you're not comfortable house training a puppy there are older dogs that still need a home!

Fostering these animals is a great way to help the community, earn some extra karma points, and have lots of fun doing it!

Go "like" them on Facebook and start fostering today! Contact information is available on their page.