"Rooting your Android phones"

"Rooting your Android phones"

Optimize the endless possibilities that you can do with your android after it is rooted. There are many sites out there that nicely explain how to root your each model and make of the android phone. What is rooting you ask? Well, if you want a cited definition, Google it. I am going to definite "rooting your android phone" as basically hacking into your phone and obtaining FUll administrative access. Even though the android is an open source operating system you still do not have full "root access" to do as you please with your phone. Once rooted you will be able to have full freedom and control over your phones system and will be able to tweak it how you want it.


Why root your phone, you ask?

(b/c it changes your whole Android world)…
*Speed up and improve your phones performance
*Obtain access to more new apps
*edit and change core apps, themes, recovery etc.,
*install the any and the latest Android operating systems by installing custom-developed Rom available for FREE on the internet! and most of carriers hold *back on these through updates (bc they want your money for it)

Caution! I do want to say, that if you have a warranty on your phone that allows for its replacement if your current one is lost/stolen…
Then rooting will void that warranty! I repeat…
and there are other possible things that can go wrong during rooting… mostly things like Bricking (which I corrected my using Odin and flashing it back to stock) so if I can do it…you can most certainly do it! You will learn a lot along the way and have lots of fun accessing a whole new dimension in your android world. XD

This purpose of this page was to just to INFORM you of the possibilities you may be interested it and missing out in. So…
XDA Developers Forums and RootzWiki are some important sources for you to use for further information on "rooting your Android phone"
[ http://www.xda-developers.com ] & [ http://RootzWiki.com ]