Choosing a Pet Dog

Many people decide to take on the responsibility of buying a pet, particularly a dog, into their life. Unfortunately, many of these decisions are made spontaneously by inexperienced owners, which can lead to homeless or neglected pets. Before buying a dog, be aware of your lifestyle. Here are some tips that that may assist in your decision.

  • Do you have sufficient time for your dog's needs? They take serious dedication, responsibility, and love. Be honest with yourself in deciding if you are able to meet its needs!
  • Your dog is not likely to already be house broken. You will need to be really dedicated to training. Your dog will need both time to go outside and someone to tend to its daily needs.
  • A dog is a life-long commitment. Many dogs live 8-15 years, depending on the size and breed of the dog.
  • Are you financially prepared?

-Vet bills
-Cost of the dog itself - they can range from 200 to more than 1000 dollars!
- Updated shots
- Food and Water
- Toys and other necessities
- Accidents (surgeries!)

* Choosing a breed?
Many people choose a dog because of its colorings or its eyes, how cute it is or because of its perfect size. This is not the right way to choose a dog. Dog pass on genes and traits just the way people do, this can have an effect on behavior; so do yourself and your pet a favor and do your research!
-Look at the behavior of a dog and what kind of problems may come with the dog.
-Does the dog get along with people? Children? Take this in consideration when you choose a breed.
-Some residences restrict certain breeds! Ask your landlord or home owners association if they will allow the dog you are looking for!
-People don't always like to take their dogs on vacation or some pets just don't travel well. Think of a backup plan for were to keep your pet when you go out of town!

I particularly like YouTube's DOGS 101 collection of information on various dog breeds; they give accurate background information and good tips.

Know the rules on pets where you live. Do they even allow dogs? If so, is their a size or weight limit? Many places don't allow pets or even boxers. Find out if that is the case where you live.
-Because you probably won't live where you are now forever, choose a dog that can easily move with you after. Back to the last point, even if your home now allows a pit-bull, that doesn't mean you'll find a place next year that will be okay with it. Make it easy on yourself and choose a more appropriate dog (maybe a smaller choice!)
-Remember that most dogs shed. If you live in an apartment or somewhere you rent, this is definitely something to consider!
-One last note: Always choose a dog that you can picture yourself spending time with daily. A dog that can grow on you, and you on it. If you can do this, you will have a healthy relationship with your dog.

There are so many dogs that are put down everyday in animal shelters across the country. Thousands die everyday. Ask yourself if you are willing to be part of a change and rescue a dog in need of a wonderful, loving home. They are the most grateful! Most come will all their shots, and are already spayed/neutered!

Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility and can require a lot of work. make sure you are prepared to take on these responsibilities and are able to fit in taking care of your dog into your daily schedule.

Where to find a dog?
The internet has many websites that help you find dogs such as
There are also rescue homes that give away dogs for free or very low cost. This will not only get you a pet, but it will save a life.