Centro Hispano

UNCW is a diverse campus and has many different organizations to choose from. The campus tries to provide inclusion initiatives in order to make the learning experience easier for the student. There is a Diversity Council and Centro Hispano is part of it.

Every year more and more Hispanics, who are the fast, largest growing minority, apply, enroll and graduate from a university across the country. Many of these graduates are the first generation of students from their families. There are hundreds who will finish high school and will be unable to further their education due to the lack of U.S citizenship. Many lack the knowledge of how to "correctly" fill out a FAFSA, apply for a grants, loan or other means of paying for college. Not only is the financial situation a concern, the culture is completely different. Most of these students, including parents, have to learn how to adapt to a new environment.

Centro Hispano's goal is to provide these kind of students help throughout their transitions from high school to college. They have many goals such as aiding with financial aid, helping students develop leadership skills, linking them to professional mentors, seeking employment and volunteer opportunities. The most important goal is that they help students feel at home while they achieve success.

Centro Hispano has two more groups: Mi Casa and Centro Hispano Embajadores (not to be confused with the actual Centro Hispano). Both of these two club's ultimate goal is to mentor students and help them succeed in college.

For more information, you can visit: http://uncw.edu/centrohispano