As a Freshman, where should I live on-campus?

Choosing where to live as a freshman at UNCW can be very difficult. Especially because there are so many different options. Below is an outline of all the options for freshman to live on campus. Remember: If none of these seem to fit your preference, you can always live off-campus!

1. Belk Hall - Belk Hall is an all women residence hall. Sorry guys! It is four floors with 50 girls on each floor, so 200 total residents. It is suite style. Suite style means that residents will share a room with one other resident. Those two residents will share a common room with one other room (4 people) and they will all share a bathroom with another common room (8 total people).

2. Galloway Hall - Galloway is typically thought of the "party dorm," but you do not have to party to live there. It is a very social building. At six stories, it is the tallest building on our campus. It has about 70 residents on each floor (half girls and half guys). It is hall style. Hall style means that there is one long hallway with rooms where two people live off the hall. There is one big bathroom for each sex on the hallways.

3. Graham-Hewlett - Graham-Hewlett is actually two separate buildings but they are combined into one by a common foyer area on the first floor. They are identical buildings. They are suite style exactly like Belk Hall, except both women and men can live here. Each building is 4 stories high with about 50 freshmen on each floor - 400 total residents.

4. University Apartments - University Apartments are definitely not dorms. You get your own room, which is awesome, but it is also a very small room. Four people will live in one apartment and share a bathroom, kitchen and common room with one another. The apartments are typically thought of less social than other freshman areas because they don't all live in the same building so it is more difficult to meet others in the area. However, you won't have to worry about it being to loud to sleep or study.

5. Schwartz Hall - Schwartz Hall is arguably the best located freshman residence hall on campus. It is located right in between Wagoner Hall and the Rec Center with easy access to Chancellor's walk. It is pod style. Pod style has a square or rectangular hallway with rooms consisting of two residents each off of the hallway. In the middle of the square or rectangle there is a bathroom that everyone shares. In Schwartz there is about 20 residents in each pod and three pods on each floor. There are three floors in Schwartz Hall.

6. International House - International House is surprising not for international students. It is two stories, pod-style with 100 residents total. What is interesting in this all Freshman dorm is the learning communities. There are two: Waterways and Hollywood East. Waterways is for freshmen with intended majors in biology, marine biology, environmental science, etc. Hollywood East is for freshmen interested in theater, film, etc. The learning communities have faculty advisers that build relationships with the students and provide extra curricular learning opportunities.

7. Honors House - Honors House is designed architecturally exactly like International House. It is also a learning community in that everyone who lives there is in the UNCW Honors program. One cannot live there unless they are accepted into the Honors program and they cannot be in Honors as a freshman if they do not opt to live in Honors House.

8. Cornerstone Hall - This is the last option for freshmen at UNCW. It is also pod style but the pods consist of 60+ residents each. It has three floors and 5 total pods. It is also a learning community area. It has over 9 different learning communities where freshmen will have 3 classes with the exact same people for their first semester on campus. Those classes will consist of their Uni class plus two more that probably relate to their major.

Well there you have it! Above are the eight options for freshmen to chose from for on campus living. Good luck making your choice because there are so many options that offer so many different opportunities!