A Dollar Saved is A Dollar Earned

After graduating college nearly every student will have some form of student loans. While it is easy to charge things to your account and assume you will be making millions after graduation this is not generally the case. Most graduates are significantly burdened with payments for several years and even for many decades. The best way to reduce these future obligations is to finance as little as possible while attending college. Here are some effective ways to spend less and therefore owe less.

  • Tuition: Take advantage of academic advisors. Taking unnecessary classes can be costly both for your time and your money. Also be aware of drop deadlines and refund amounts. Dropping classes will almost always cost you money for nothing.
  • Books: While used books can be a significant savings over new there are also many other options these days. Books can be rented, there are off campus bookstores, and there are online options like amazon and ebay as well. Off campus book stores and shopping online is a much cheaper option than the on campus book store. Price shopping can save hundreds a semester. Selling books online or on craiglist can also help you get more money than selling back to the bookstore.
  • Supplies: Calculators, clickers, and other devices can add up quickly. These items can be bought off amazon or craigslist for significant savings.
  • Rent: There are many options out there, carefully calculate the total cost of living and compare options. Remember the distance you commute can greatly increase costs as well.

Remember every dollar you save now by shopping around can cut months or even years off your student loan payments after graduating.

  • In addition to saving, a part-time job is a great way to deal with future debt! UNCW's site… http://uncw.edu/career/SeaWork.html is a great way to find a part-time job. They have jobs on and off campus. Working 10-15 hours a week is a great way to make some extra cash, while still getting a great college experience!
  • There is also a Federal Work Study option for Students with financial aid where they can work for the university in a variety of fields to earn toward their tuition. If you are eligible for Work Study, sign up! It's an eazy way to get some extra cash at the end of every month and many of the jobs available will help you in your future endeavors.
  • Just remember to keep up with your schoolwork and have fun too!