11 Tips For Improving GPA

11 Tips for improving your GPA:

1: Go to class- Making sure you attend classes and always know what is going on in each course is crucial to getting the desired grade. Once you fall behind, it becomes harder and harder to catch back up. The easiest way to raise your GPA is to make sure you have good class attendance.

2: Pay attention to your professors' lectures. Even though the material in every lecture may not seem important at the time, it is crucial to the overall understanding of the course. Even if the topic is one that you are educated in, there are always new bits and pieces that are important to listen to.

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3: Read the book (it's not an expensive paper weight, so use it). Reading before every class makes you feel prepared. Even if you do not completely understand what you read, it gives you a background of what you are going to be learning about.

4: Review assignments and current topics daily. If you keep up with the work you are given, it is a lot easier than letting it pile up right before the exam. Each little piece builds off of another, so by understanding each small piece, you will have a greater understanding of the whole.

5: Take notes and review those notes daily. It helps to rewrite the notes that you have already taken. You remember what you write more than what you hear.

6: Take a break every now and then, or perhaps a whole day off and relax and have fun.

7: Participate in study groups! Studying with classmates or friends is a great way to study. It creates a way to help one another and learn things from a different perspective.

8: Get involved in student organizations (this can reinforce what you have already learned). Joining groups on campus that deal with topics that you are interested in gives you the opportunity to apply your classroom knowledge to real life.

9: Use the internet to help you understand (youtube, flashcard websites). The internet is an awesome tool that can help you to understand material in different ways. Although some websites may be unreliable, using trusted websites to further understand material is always a good idea.

10: Use campus tutors. They are there to help! They have experience with the courses you are taking, and can often give insight to tips about professors, course styles, etc. SI sessions, when available, are the best way to get a deeper understanding of the material you went over in class.

11: Eat breakfast. Eating a good breakfast in the morning is shown to improve your energy levels along with other health benefits. Eating a good breakfast will also help you stay awake for those early morning classes!