Welcome to MIS-213 Class Wiki

This site was created for the MIS 213-course to demonstrate social networking and knowledge management. The wiki is intended to help incoming students succeed at UNCW.

  1. To participate, please create a wikidot-account first
  2. Then log in to help improve this wiki, as follows:
    • Review the entries that are already posted and edit a couple for quality, accuracy and completeness. You can edit the content or the tags by adding to the existing entry or changing what is already there; you can also rate other pages, or start a discussion; AND/OR
    • Start a new topic on issues such as:
      • How to sign up for classes etc.
      • Tips for studying and learning, in general or for one particular course/instructor specifically
      • Managing classes
      • Technology, how to obtain and use it
      • Housing and living in Wilmington
      • Finding and managing friends
    • Don't forget to:
      • Add meaningful tags to your new page, or to the pages that you review
      • Structure your page with paragraphs and bullet points
      • Add pictures
      • Cite your sources
      • Link your page with other internal or external pages (Select Page Link)
  3. Review your experience in a Word-document (1 to 2 pages), describing:
    • Your strategy of reviewing information on the site (how easy was it to understand what is already there and to judge the quality?)
    • The overall quality of the content
    • The changes you made, including a link to the page/s that you created or edited
  4. Submit your document to Blackboard (Course Content - Ch. 5 - Wiki-Assignment).
  5. Major points for grading:
    • Level of detail and insights in the description of how the wiki was navigated, and about the general user experience (25%)
    • Meaningfulness of quality assessment, including some insights of how the quality of individual pages can be judged (25%)
    • Extent, quality and significance of the changes made to one or several pages on the wiki (provide link/s) (40%)
    • Grammar, style and format of the submission (10%)